August 2017 Newsletter

August 28, 2017

Dear Friends:

Again this monthly newsletter has been delayed.Don’t blame it on the recent typhoons, I just had to wait for certain news to be confirmed. Couple months ago, you showed concern about the future of our regular venue, the sale of Excelsior Hotel, and also if I could keep the office when lease expired in July.Well, I am pleased to inform you that at this moment Excelsior is still taking my bookings for the spring of 2018, and I have renewed my office for another two years. While local business has been slow during the summer months, I have been pounding on by some hard-selling overseas software developers and speakers so if they were more desperate than I am, so I decided to cancel a few and keep the more agreeable and reputable ones.

Now the summer events are over, and Yip Sir’s AstroFinance Course in September has been filled, I’ll skip to January 2018 with this exciting news:

Andrea Unger

Known as the only Four-Time Trading World Champion (2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012), Andrea Unger is a full-time professional trader since 2001 and part of the Scientific Committee of SIAT (Italian Society of Technical Analysis).Appreciated author, he is often invited as a speaker all around the world and we are proud and honoured to have invited him here in January 2018.

First Time in Hong Kong---In Person---Two Presentations

“The Man and the Machine – Algo Trading Explained”

Dates (confirmed): January 18, 2018 (Thursday Evening)

January 20, 2018 (Saturday Full Day) Workshop

Venue (confirmed): Excelsior Hotel, Hong Kong

Charges: (to be confirmed):Special Discounts for Subscribers of Unger Academy Online Service.(Details to follow in my next newsletter.)

Topics:(just a few examples), covering most of the following plus much more…

  • The Myths of Trading
  • The Correct Approach to Trading
  • Trading as a Business
  • The Instruments
  • What Are Trading Systems?Building a Trading System
  • Backtesting, Timeframes
  • Trend Following; Countertrend; Bias; Swing Trading
  • Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms

Subscribe to Andrea’s Online Course before meeting him in person 

You’ll be hearing from me again very soon.Meanwhile please feel free to ask any questions and I’ll try my best to answer. As always,Teresa