Supplement to December Newsletter

Dear Friends:

We teamed up six years ago, and we have never been out of touch.  You probably have received circular from Samuel, and have noticed my posting on my Facebook and Website as "New Year Gathering" .  As I booked Excelsior months ago using my own name,  I can only name it "New Year Gathering"......but it's the same event - same Yam Sir and Samuel, and same old Teresa, teaming up for a brand new presentation as follows:   

Date: 2019-01-19

Time: 14:00 -17:30

Venue: Excelsior Hotel 3/F, Kellett Room

Seminar Fee:     $1300 per seat for Yam Group members

 $1500 per seat for non-Yam Group members

There will be two topics for the event. 

Topic01:   Yearly Price & Time Projection of HSI Heavy Weight Stocks, 


This is about a skill particularly to study a stock in the beginning of the year. So that traders can plan, monitor and react for potential chances ahead. 

- Contraction and Expansion Cycles

- WD Gann's Square of Nine - Introduction

- Master Chart Approach vs Mathematical Approach

- Weekly Charts vs Daily Charts

- Application in Yearly Projection for Macro Monitoring and Planning

- Step-by-Step Exercises in the Class

- Trading Insights from the Charts

- Brief Discussions of Top 5 HSI Heavy Weight Stocks

- No special software is needed.

- An Excel sheet template will be provided 

* Participants are suggested to bring a ruler for doing several exercises in the event. 

* Participants are expected to have basic chart reading knowledge. 

Topic02:     Lifetime Fortune Parameters for Trading 運氣魔法師

- Basic Concepts and Belief 

- Data Collection and Methodology 

- Interpretation and Application

七分天定三分人 ~ 運氣魔法師

When you receive circular from Samuel, or from Teresa, you are Yam Members, your fee is only $1300 (nett) per person.   To simply the procedure, and as this is a joint presentation, please feel free to ask questions, and deposit fees to HSBC A/C No. 809-271570-001,  Account Name:

Teresa Wong

Room 304 Stag Building

148-150 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

(Office No. 2529 1211,   WhatsApp  6389 3372)



NOTE:  This cozy Kellett Room can only hold 40 attendees, and we already have half of the seats filled.   PLEASE DON'T WAIT,  RESERVE YOUR SEAT ASAP.

Thank You, and hope to hear from you SOON.    As always,  Teresa