TeresaWongBlair Newsletter - April Edition – April 5, 2017

Dear Friends:


Stepping into the 2nd Quarter of 2017, there is so much to reminiscence and to boost.  I would like to start by paying tribute to an old friend Mr. Walter Bressert, the highly respected Cycle Man (fondly referred to by T.A. experts in HK in the 80’s and 90’s) who recently passed away.  We met in HK during one of Tim Slater’s TAG Seminars and he kindly let us handle his Cycle Watch Newsletter for a number of years. ( Shek Sir, Hui Sir were among the subscribers).  Mr. Bressert studied the work of Edward R. Dewey and J.M. Hurst and became a pioneer in the application of time cycles to market analysis, used extensively in analyzing commodity markets.  His only book (which he published on his own) “The Power of Oscillator/Cycle Combination” is now an out-of-print classic, even an used copy is marked up at US$398 at Amazon.  Meanwhile we have Walt’s son Jerome Bressert’s new book Power Scalper available at HK$304.  (Please refer to Page 2 attached.)


April 24 - MetaStock Evening Show at Excelsior with Scott Brown and Rahul Mohindar – all seats have been taken, all tickets distributed.  Those from overseas who requested for tickets please contact me asap, as all tickets are stamped and numbered.  Rahul Mohindar has quite a big following, some ask for books on RMO.  I started to search and found Dick Diamond’sTrading As A Business in which he introduced RMO and the RMO Template on MetaStock. (Please refer to Page 1 attached.) 


June 10 - Full Day Weekend Workshop with Lady Olga Morales:  Admission Fee: HK$6800 for new attendees, $5800 for former students.  Registration has started, response has been most encouraging and there seems to be a revival on all old books by and on W.D. Gann.  (Please refer to Pages 3 & 4....and the Olga Morales leaflet attached.)


Keep you enquiries and enrolments rolling in.  See you at Excelsior.  As Always,  Teresa