About Us

TeresaWongBlair.com derives from EARLTHORN INVESTMENT CO.LTD, established in 1978 by Bernie Blair and Teresa Wong. We were among the pioneers in introducing technical analysis, newsletters, books and chart service to Asia, and have served a great many analysts, traders and investors since. We started representing Commodity Perspective (later called CRB Price Charts), dealing with authors and publishers headed by Welles Wilder’s NEW CONCEPTS IN TECHNICAL TRADING, Larry Williams’ How I Made Million Dollars Trading Commodities Last Year, Perry Kaufman’s Commodity Trading Systems & Methods, Jake Bernstein’s Handbook of Commodity Cycles: A Window on Time plus a long list to follow.   In 1987 we witnessed the inauguration of the Hong Kong Technical Analysts Society under the guidance of Tim Slater, Founder of Compu-Trac, the top technical software at that time. We toured with Tim Slater’s TA Group and had the opportunity to meet and work with great masters like Martin Pring, John Murphy, Robert Prechter, Robert Miner, Dr. Alexander Elder, David Weis, John Ehlers, Bill Williams, Richard Arms, Mark Douglas, Larry Pesavento, Robert Krausz, Jeanne Long and many many more.

With the turn of last century came the new Electronic Age, as the subscription business dwindled we turned to become an online Specialist Bookstore and majored in organizing T.A. seminars and workshops with quality international and local speakers. We dissolved the Limited Company to form a private proprietorship company EARLTHORN.com with Teresa Wong as the sole proprietor. Five years ago, someone offered to buy our old company and turned it to Earlthorn International Limited and took away our Domain Name. That deal was never completed, but the original website www.earlthorn.com was ruined.  Teresa Wong was back to heading the old company as a One Woman Band, as the proud widow of Bernie Blair this past decade.

EARLTHORN.com has always been our official company name, the new website www.teresawongblair.com   has become significant to our old customers and intriguing to our new friends. Business runs as usual at the same premises, holding the same and adding new agency rights and affiliates, keeping the blinking cat as our Logo, selling books and software, organizing professional seminars and workshops, linking the East and the West and hopefully bridging all the generation and cultural gaps, and gaps between humans and robots.