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This package includes:

1) 1 hour Seminar conducted by Khit Wong on 9th July 2016, at Excelsior Hotel, on W.D. Gann's "Form Reading & Rules For Determining Trend of Stocks"

2) 80-page hardcover book on further demonstrations for the Trend & Anti Trend tool introduced in the Seminar

3) Complimentary 45min Seminar by Khit Wong on 15th August 2015, at Excelsior Hotel, on "Breaking the Prevailing Myth of Mercury Retrograde & Secrets of using Retrograde as a Trading Indicator"

4) Complimentary 90min Seminar by Khit Wong on 12th January 2013, at Excelsior Hotel, on "Khit Wong's Approach to the Financial Astrology & Investment Psychology"

Totaled 3 DVD and a 80-page hardcover book.

While direct email support from Khit Wong is available, his further details could be found at his financial astrology website.

Table of Contents 
Chapter 1: Introduction 
Chapter 2: T & AT Basics 
Chapter 3: Sell at Safe, Safer & Safest Selling Points 
Chapter 4: More examples on T & AT Movements of the Markets 
Chapter 5: Exact Calculations for the Entry & Exit points of the Example raised in Chapter 1 
Chapter 6: Application on the T & AT concept - the Right Way to use Technical Indicators 
Chapter 7: News-Trading, Wave Boarding and its Application of the T & AT Technique 
Chapter 8: Why for-sure-knowing the Upcoming Trend is so Important? 
Chapter 9: Position Trading & Start/ End of a Trend 
Chapter 10: Correct Way of Reading the Market 
Chapter 11: Khit Wong's Trading Theory 
Chapter 12: Powerpoint slides on Khit Wong's 2016 W.D. Gann's Form Reading Seminar - Change of Trend 

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W.D. Gann's Implicit Rules of Trend (Book + DVD set) - updated with bitcoin examples

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