Dear Friends:


THANK YOU for your support given to our last two events to be held at Excelsior - HK before the hotel's closure on March 31.  

Evening Seminar (18:30 - 22:00) Thursday, March 21 - Excelsior 3/F, Kellett Room I  

HK$1200 for past students/former attendees of past three years; $1500 for new-comers

Full Day Workshop (08:30 - 17:00) Saturday, March 23 - Excelsior 3/F, Gloucester Room II

HK$5500 for past students/former attendees of past three years; $6500 for new-comers  (breakfast, lunch, tea-breaks incl.)

Package of both Seminar & Workshop: $6000 for past students,  $7500 for new-comers 

Bonus for Seminar Attendees: 30 days of Free Chart Service from Larry Pesavento

Bonus for Package/Workshop Attendees: 3 Months of Free Chart Service from Larry Pesavento

Topics and contents of the two events may have similarities, but not duplicates.  The Evening Event is NOT a trailer, the last part is a live show.  

Larry Pesavento is no stranger to Hong Kong as this is the 12th time (since 2010) we have him here to inspire us with his wisdom, to share with us his vast experience in trading.   We'll have some of his own books and his recommended items on display and for sale.  

Trade View Investments, our sponsor, is not so new.  They were here last year with Larry  at our workshop From Analysis to Automation.

To find out more about TRADE VIEW, please visit: https://www.tradeview.com.au

Basically they are a privately held Proprietary Trading Firm with offices in Melbourne and Sydney Australia. They provide their own web-based platform to build, test and analyse your trading systems so you can automate your strategies without coding a single line.  I think this will help the busy traders here who have no time to do the coding.


Excelsior will soon be history, but this One Woman Band will still go on. By teaming up with a young team of  committed traders and systems developers, I think together we can bring technical analysis to a higher level. I am basically a book-seller and events organizer,  I am most privileged to be involved with big names like MetaStock, Vantage Point, Elliott Wave International, Astrology for GannTraders.......and now adding Trade View from Australia.  By the way, Trade View has been hosting the Annual Algo Trading Conference three consecutive years: last year they introduced me to Kevin Davey, this year to Andreas Clenow.  There‚Äôs no limit to learning, and I do look forward to seeing you next week with Trade View and Larry Pesavento, and in our future events.   Have a nice weekend.   As Always,

Teresa Wong